Morobe Mine PNG

Working in such a remote, harsh environment certainly presented its challenges however the team pulled off an outstanding result!

John O’Brien, KOBE Director

As a gold mine in one of the most remote locations on the planet, security was of the utmost importance for the Morobe Mine Joint Venture during its star-tup and into production. An internal review and procurement process begun in 2007 and concluded in 2009 to identify the best systems that would support the mine environment. Management decided on Pelco Endura and WinDSX as the backbone to the combined security management systems. High Definition (HD) camera systems were in their infancy in 2010 and Pelco Endura provided an end-to-end solution. KOBE is a factory certified integrator of Pelco Endura and provided Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the entire system before it was packaged as sea freight and forwarded to the mine via several truck loads from the port of Lae, PNG.

The mine is bordered on all sides by both traditional and non-traditional land owners and with hostility an ever present possibility securing the perimeter of the mine was imperative. All external entry points in addition to blanket CCTV coverage is provided with Biometric access control, turnstiles, booms and gates. WinDSX panels provided an extremely robust platform for the harsh environment and helped ensure only those authorised persons gained entry to the mine.

All security components communicate over vast distances and disparate locations through a dedicated Security LAN over single mode optical fibre. Core, consolidation and edge switches are located throughout the site to provide the necessary bandwidth and malleability to add additional components as required in the future.