Maximum Security with Minimal Disruption.

KOBE is dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the most effective – and least intrusive – products and services.

Our specialty is integrating innovative technology using IP and open standards to provide a seamless product, installed to specification and delivered within time and on budget.

Designers, developers and estimators may choose to incorporate any of the following as stand-alone solutions, or rely on our expertise to create truly integrated building management systems.

Access Control

Access control is a first-line defence against unauthorised access to a facility or property, and includes technology such as:

  • proximity readers
  • biometrics
  • smart cards
  • key pads

Through integrated technology, access control can provide full reporting, including movements throughout a building, and maximise energy efficiency.


CCTV provides a visible and credible crime deterrent. CCTV offers:

  • ‘set and forget’ system
  • range of cameras, resolutions, lenses and capacity
  • data storage systems sized to suit needs
  • searchable images, recorded on recyclable hard drives
  • remote and on-site access to data

Are you looking for a security solution for your commercial venture?

If you are looking to improve your commercial venture’s security presence, access control, or technology vectors, let us help you tailor a solution specific to your business needs.

Electronic Security

Broadly speaking, electronic security covers the detection devices that monitor the integrity of a secure site. These can include:

  • movement detectors
  • reed switches
  • smoke detectors

All can be linked to a monitoring station, with alarms, strobes or sirens.

Building Automation

Building automation focuses on improving productivity by connecting different building control systems. Automation can promote comfort and safety and reduce energy wastage by integrating:

  • lights
  • lifts
  • doors
  • air conditioning
  • access control systems
  • electronic security systems


Intercom systems use audio, video or VoIP-based IP to protect your property against unauthorised access. 

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