KOBE has worked with various government departments since inception and recognises the benefits to these institutions in having a reliable supplier for security across their entire portfolio which includes:

  • Standardisation of products, systems and services across the entire portfolio.
  • Cost efficiency through service model integration.
  • Reduced risk using an integrator with proven capabilities and factory certification in government product selections.
  • Experience and knowledge of government department requirements and expectations.
  • Single point of contact with standardised outputs and reporting options.
  • Portfolio wide quality assurance model based on agreed KPIs and implementation of consistent service levels.

The following provides an overview of the key categories KOBE provides to government.

Advice / Consultancy

KOBE provides government departments with industry knowledge on existing and emergent technologies in the electronic security industry. KOBE has been instrumental in many departmental decisions to select appropriate systems, peripherals and underpinning technologies that allow these systems to operate in high availability and scale to meet growing requirements.

As an integrator KOBE is constantly researching new product opportunities, thoroughly independently testing all components and providing departments with the equipment best suited for their unique environment.

Service and Maintenance

KOBE operates a 24/7 365 day callout service via a single 1300 number. All technicians rostered to this service are site specific inducted, have security and product certification.

All staff are factory certified and have direct access to manufacturer technical support.

System Installation

KOBE works directly with departmental staff on the ground to design complete security systems for greenfield sites and upgrades or extensions on existing sites.

KOBE provides shop drawings of the installation and detailed quotes for a turnkey solution and use certified in-house technical staff to manage and install the systems to departmental specifications.

Our Certifications

We take your security, quality of management and implementation seriously.

Here at KOBE, it is crucial for us to keep up with the highest standards and protocols. It ensures and assures our clients that the work being produced is executed and implemented with the highest quality. 

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